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Privacy Policy


Acting as a data controller in accordance with this public disclosure text, PIU FORTIO PRODUCT TASARIMI TEKSTİL VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ, in order to enlighten and inform all individuals related to our Institution, including the customers/users of our Institution and those who benefit from our products and services, regarding the processing of Personal Data; You can access detailed information regarding the processing of your Personal Data that you have disclosed to our Company with the Law on Protection of Personal Data No. 6698   


1. Purpose of Processing Personal Data

Within the scope of your legal relationship with our company; The Personal Data you have disclosed will be processed by our Company in accordance with the Law and the Law on the Protection of Personal Data and the processing purposes stated below. Accordingly, limited to the following purposes; In order to carry out the necessary works for the Personal Data Owners to benefit from the products and services offered by our Institution, by the business units of our Company; Performing operations with our Company's Business Partners and/or suppliers; accessing the records of Personal Data Owners for subsequent shopping transactions, automatically invoicing in a way that does not cause confusion due to name/surname similarity with these data; To enable customers to benefit from general or personalized campaigns and offers regarding salable products and services through the records created within our organization; transmitting campaigns related to products and services offered to customers by mail, e-mail, SMS and telephone calls; recommending and communicating our products and services to Personal Data Owners by customizing them according to their tastes, habits and usage patterns and needs; Taking into account the customers' continued use of our Company's products and services and their sustainability, carrying out the necessary work for presenting and communicating catalogs and campaigns to customers; modifying and modifying the offered products and services to suit customers' needs and uses, both in the purchasing and after-sales processes, and in new purchases of the offered products and services; responding to complaints or review requests regarding purchased products and services and informing customers about this issue; Execution and execution of one-on-one or integrated marketing operations, sales and after-sales operations and purchasing operations; Taking the necessary precautions and measures in order to fulfill the obligations within the scope of occupational health and safety and to carry out and execute the human resources policies of our Company; Ensuring and controlling the physical security of the places where our Enterprises are located, and conducting and directing the administrative and legal processes for communication carried out by our Enterprise; In line with the purpose of the execution and management of in-house system and application management operations, communication, market research and social responsibility activities, financing operations and product/project/production/investment quality processes by our company; Planning and/or executing customer relationship management processes, including our company's commercial and business strategies, planning and/or execution of customer satisfaction activities; communicating with customers accordingly by mail, e-mail and telephone calls; To communicate their requests and complaints to our Company by communicating with Personal Data Owners, to follow up and manage requests and complaints; Creation and follow-up of visitor records within the scope of Personal Data processing provisions and conditions specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

2. Recipients and Reasons for Disclosure of Personal Data

Our Company may transfer Personal Data to Corporate Business Partners, Corporate Stakeholders, Institution Authorities and/or Institution Authorities within the scope of the terms and conditions regarding Personal Data specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Personal Data Protection Law. Third persons/organizations that will be appointed to serve the establishment purposes of the business partnership established for the purposes of carrying out and performing various projects and receiving services while continuing the commercial activities of our corporation; realization of the transactions and activities carried out within the scope of the regulation, event management and corporate communication processes; designing strategies for business activities and ensuring optimal management and control; modification and modification of products according to the needs and uses of customers, upon requests made in the sales and after-sales process; Informing customers about the campaigns by mail, e-mail and/or phone, and printing and delivery of catalogues. In addition, our Company, Legally authorized Public Institutions and Organizations and Private Legal Entities and/or the third party determined by the legally authorized persons, if requested by the relevant public institutions and organizations within the scope of their legal authority and the relevant private law legal entities within the scope of their legal authority in accordance with the provisions of the legislation. organizations.

In the event that the process activity carried out for the above-mentioned purposes does not fulfill any of the exceptions and exclusions stipulated in the Law, your explicit consent will be sought by our Corporation regarding the relevant process.

3. Personal Data Collection Methods and Legal Reason

The realization of the purposes specified in Articles 5 and 6 of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data for the purpose of supervising and supervising the compliance with Article 1, which regulates the purpose of the Law, and Article 2, which regulates the scope of the Law. Accurate and complete fulfillment of obligations arising from the law within the framework of legal reasons based on demand, Personal Data is collected in various ways as follows. To social media accounts that you allow to be processed by our Entity or data processors assigned by our Entity and/or access to it in all kinds of verbal, printed and electronic media by technical and other methods.

4. Rights of Personal Data Owners Pursuant to the Law on Protection of Personal Data

In accordance with Article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law, our company informs you about your rights as Personal Data Owners, guides you on how to use these rights, and makes the necessary internal mechanism, administrative and technical arrangements for this. all of these. In accordance with Article 11 of the Law, our Institution informs individuals with the collected Personal Data to learn whether their Personal Data is processed, to request information on this matter if their Personal Data has been processed, and to reveal its purpose. The processing of Personal Data and whether it is used in accordance with its purpose, knowing the third party recipients of the Personal Data in the country and abroad, requesting correction of the Personal Data in case of incorrect or incorrect processing, requesting the deletion or destruction of the Personal Data, Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Law (d) Data within the scope of the conditions specified in Article 7 of the Personal Data Protection Law, requesting notification of the transactions carried out in accordance with subparagraphs and (e), objection to the emergence of a result against the person concerned, to third parties who are the recipients of the Personal Data, through exclusive automatic systems to demand compensation for the damage in case of loss due to the unlawful processing of Personal Data, by analyzing the processed data.

Personal Data Owners can submit their requests regarding the above-mentioned rights by filling out the Application Form in the Annex and submitting them to our Company free of charge, along with their identity information and documents, through the following methods or other methods specified by the Personal Data Protection Board:

By filling in a wet-signed copy of the form, through a notary public or by registered letter with return receipt at Kazımdirik Mah. Industry Cad. No:31 / Z4 Bornova / IZMIR

Delivery of the form containing secure electronic signature within the scope of Electronic Signature Law No. 5070 to via registered e-mail.

By other methods prescribed/to be foreseen by the Personal Data Protection Board.

In order for third parties to make an application request on behalf of Personal Data Owners, a Special Power of Attorney must be issued by the Personal Data Owner, which authorizes the legal person to apply through a notary public.

Our institution will finalize the request at the earliest and within 30 (thirty) days at the latest, without any charge, depending on the nature of the request. However, if the transaction requires an additional cost, our Company has the right to charge a fee to be calculated over the tariff determined by the Personal Data Protection Board.

APPENDIX     : Application Form


I have read the explanation text regarding the Processing and Protection of Personal Data provided to me. I was also informed about the Personal Data Protection Law regulated within the scope of legal rights and I accept and declare that my consent given below is valid and based on my free will.

I give my explicit and written consent to my personal data that I have disclosed in order to benefit from the products and services of your institution, and I have information about this and my personal data that your institution will obtain from relevant real and legal sources. Organizations to be processed in order to enable me to benefit from products, applications, advantages or campaigns that are suitable for me in line with my needs and for general information purposes, and to ensure all kinds of communication to be established and disclosed with me. With the awareness that I always have the right to reject the necessary and information, promotional and marketing communications and data, voice and visual contents of my Personal Data to Private Legal Persons and/or Personal Data, directly or by your Institution, directly or by SMS, MMS, telephone, fax, dialer devices, electronic will be transmitted via mail and similar communication channels. 

Personal Data Owner

Name surname:





This Illumination Text; It is written by PIU FORTIO PRODUCT TASARIMI TEKSTİL VE TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ, acting with the data controller, by persons numbered 6698, in order to be in line with the interests of the personal data used/users, general persons who benefit from the products and works, and all persons, in accordance with the Protection of Personal Data and to inform them. . You can benefit from the Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy on the website for trainings on the examination of your personal data with the individual.


1. Purposes of Processing Personal Data

your relationship with the relationship; It can be processed by the shared Personal Data in a way that is designed to be processed in a way that is suitable for the law and for the purpose of the area and for the Protection of Personal Data. In this direction, benefiting from the division of labor in order to receive personal data from its products and services; Performing operations with the Company's Business Partners and/or their children; Reaching the days of the Personal Data Owners in their shopping, in this way, name / surname, etc. to train the automatic sending without a bill, which does not cause confusion for reasons; Benefiting from general projects for products and services offered for sale in facilities within the scope of those raised by them; transmitting campaigns related to the products and services offered by mail, e-mail, SMS and telephone; The product and product selection can be adapted according to the personal preferences and preferences of the Personal Data Owners and to expand the usage; Considering the continuity of not benefiting from the products and services of the training, and considering the catalogs and campaigns to be developed for the customer and use; product and purchase purchase and appearance processes and new purchases; Information about the purchased product and training, training in accordance with the purchase and usage areas, trainings or training schools for the purchased products and services; sales of actual or integrated marketing activities, sales and sales operations and purchasing operations; About the doubt and commercial suspicion about the practice Company and the commercial business for the implementation of the implementation of occupational health and practices; Real and audit of the designs for sale and practice by those produced by the company, and for the financial affairs and work; Our internal activities, system operations and product/project/market/investment quality controls and tools through the information system on internal commercial and business development application management and audit; planning and/or conducting customer trainings planning and/or guidance information in the implementation guide; training in this direction, reaching by e-mail and telephone; Contacting and requesting and managing Personal Data Owners who requested and requested; It processes the Personal Data processing preparation and personal Data specified in the 5th and 6th sections of the Protection of Personal Data with the education and training of the visitors.


2. To Whom and For What Purpose Personal Data May Be Transferred

Commercial sales to be made about the implementation of the Personal Data specified in the 8th and 9th persons of the 8th and 9th Personal Data protection sites; Petting is complemented by event completion and corporate communication; designing good commercial manageability, ensuring the highest level of management and control; Sales and maintenance of products, products suitable for their needs and uses should be modified; Notification of campaigns, printing and delivery of catalogs by mail, children via e-mail and/or telephone, and transfer Personal Data to Company Partners, Company Officials and/or any elected/suspected/disabled persons through training. In addition, in the trainings aimed at purchasing the appropriate trainings in order to provide training on education and training within the scope of the public related institutions and their authority to benefit from training; Transfer personal data that can be selected by Public Institutions and Organizations authorized in the field of education and Private Law Persons who are legally authorized / or by everyone.

The aforementioned can be designed in relation to this.


3. Method and Legal Reason for Personal Data Collection

Examination of the scope of the information in the second part of the topics related to Article 1, which represents the purpose of the Personal Data Protection Law, the 5th and 6th applicable from the Data Protection section, and the application and evaluation of the application of the place in the Policy, example, about the purchase and purchase of minors. Personal Data purchasable by law and suitable for proper use; Every verbal, written and electronic design can be designed and designed by media accounts related to technical and other and/or design becoming complete.


4. Rights of the Personal Data Owner pursuant to the Law on Protection of Personal Data

10. Newspaper of the Owner of Personal Data's book; The things related to the subjects in question, the necessary things for all of these, have been thought through and include technical improvements. Company, content 11. Personal Data of persons; To learn that Personal Data is not processed, to learn about the processing of Personal Data if trained, to learn about the purpose of keeping Personal Data and if it is not used in accordance with its purpose, to know about the transfer of Personal Data in the country or abroad, to learn that Personal Data is not processed, to learn that Personal Data has not been used in accordance with its purpose and purpose. the use of personal data protection of the use of personal data 7. The use of personal data of the use of protection of personal data 7. The use of personal data should not be used for the use of personal data. Due to an incident for the law, which can be played by a person who can be played by the person to be mentioned, used unused until it can be played in violation of their personal Data.

Personal Data Owners may have the rights listed: They will be able to benefit from Personal Data Owners.

– The form has been filled and signed by hand via a notary, with a return letter applied to Kazımdirik Mah. Industry Cad. No:31 / Z Bornova / İZMİR4 transmission,

– Signed with 5070 electronic signature, which is signed with electronic signature within the scope of the form, and sent via e-mail to  ,

– It will be provided by a method sent/to be seen by the Personal Data Protection Board.

Personal Data Owner may apply for a special user application on behalf of Personal Data Owners.

According to the scope of the scope, this will be concluded free of charge as soon as possible and within 30 (thirty) at the latest. However, information about the review by the Personal Data Protection Board of the persons from a part other than the information is reserved.

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